All my life I have been fascinated with storytelling. I would be sucked away into various books and movies that captured my imagination. I had also always had a love of doodling whatever wild thing could come to mind. These two interests had coexisted inside me for as long as I can remember, but it was not until late elementary school that I read my first ever comic book and gasoline met kindling. The passionate fire to create art whenever I can, ignited that day. This roaring fire consumes my dreams and has yet to go out.

My art has evolved from crude, stiff, badly proportioned anime fan art to detailed life drawings based on observation and backed by a solid understanding of weight, motion, anatomy and shading. Though most of my work throughout my life has been made using pencil and pen I have recently discovered the joy of painting. I am currently pursuing a series of landscape paintings from around the U.S.A, as a fun way to push myself after years of drawing colorful characters on empty backgrounds. I have also from my time at college learned how to use a variety of digital means of producing art with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. My great passion is to create art that tells a story and brings joy to the viewer. I embrace the challenge that comes from portraying mood, tone and emotion in a static image. It is truly fascinating. My goal is to become a successful free-lance artist.

I have won various awards for my work including the highest 4-H State Award for Expressive Arts and Communications, first and second place awards for watercolor painting in the Monroe Art League 46th Annual Members Only Juried Art Show and most importantly so far, winning the Frances A. Maedel Art Scholarship which allowed the completion of my associates degree in graphic arts from Monroe County Community College. I am very thankful to the M.A.L for giving me the honor of being its first ever recipient.

I am currently setting up my own small business called SMG Images. I would be overjoyed to bring your most treasured places, characters, scenes or images to life! You can contact me at my email at I accept commissions and would love to create something for you!